Blue Turquoise Tiger Eye Jade gemstone Cross bracelet 7.5"

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Beautiful stretchy handcrafted gemstone beaded bracelet. Made of a mixed of 8mm blue Sandstone, Blue Tiger Eye, Rain flower Jade and Turquoise round beads. Featuring a white resin cross at the center. Bracelet size 7.5".

Blue Sandstone is a stone of victory. It heightens courage, wisdom and physical energy.

Tiger Eye protects the wearer from negative energy and attracts good luck. Promotes mental clarity, helping focus the mind. It grounds and centers personal energy.

Jade protects the wearer from harm and brings harmony, sooths the mind. Releases negative thoughts.

Turquoise balances the blue throat chakra, enhancing the ability to communicate. Promotes self realization. 

This is a great combination powerful stones .

Your beautiful bracelet comes with a lovely artisan drawstring bag, ready for gifting!